KTM 790 Duke

 Title: KTM 790 Duke: The Middleweight Marvel That Redefines Naked Biking


In the world of naked motorcycles, the KTM 790 Duke has emerged as a middleweight marvel, combining exhilarating performance, razor-sharp handling, and distinctive design. KTM, known for its commitment to innovation and aggressive styling, has pushed the boundaries of what's possible in the middleweight segment with this bike. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the KTM 790 Duke and explore what makes it a standout in the realm of naked streetfighters.

A Legacy of Racing Prowess

KTM is a name synonymous with off-road and on-road racing success, and the 790 Duke proudly carries forward this racing heritage. Born on the racetrack, it's designed to deliver a thrilling riding experience on both the street and the twisty backroads.

Engine Performance

The heart of the KTM 790 Duke is a 799cc parallel-twin engine that punches well above its weight class. Producing a robust 105 horsepower and 64 lb-ft of torque, this compact powerplant delivers impressive acceleration and a thrilling power-to-weight ratio. The engine's quick-revving nature and linear power delivery make it a joy to ride, whether you're navigating through urban traffic or carving up canyon roads.

Precision Handling

KTM's commitment to precision handling is evident in the 790 Duke's chassis and suspension setup. The bike features a lightweight steel trellis frame, top-shelf WP suspension components, and sharp steering geometry. These elements combine to provide remarkable agility and precise control, ensuring confidence-inspiring cornering and nimble maneuverability.

Advanced Electronics

The KTM 790 Duke comes equipped with a suite of advanced electronics, including multiple riding modes, traction control, quick-shifter, and a color TFT display. These electronic aids not only enhance performance but also allow riders to customize their riding experience and adapt to varying road conditions.

Unique Design and Aesthetics

KTM is known for its distinctive and aggressive design language, and the 790 Duke is no exception. Its minimalist bodywork, exposed trellis frame, and signature LED headlight give it a distinctive and intimidating appearance. The bike's compact and muscular profile reflects its sporty nature and rebellious spirit.

Comfortable Ergonomics

Despite its sporty intent, the KTM 790 Duke offers a comfortable and upright riding position. The roomy saddle, wide handlebars, and well-placed foot pegs make it suitable for both short urban commutes and long-distance rides. It's a versatile motorcycle that caters to a broad range of riders.


The KTM 790 Duke is a testament to KTM's dedication to delivering exhilarating and versatile motorcycles that defy convention. Whether you're a seasoned rider looking for a middleweight marvel or someone seeking a thrilling introduction to the world of naked motorcycles, the 790 Duke offers a captivating riding experience that's hard to match. It's a machine that redefines the middleweight segment with its performance, handling, and aggressive design, showcasing KTM's unwavering commitment to excellence in the world of motorcycling.

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